Fagopyrum esculentum

Buckwheat is a popular annual, summer broadleaf. It establishes quickly and is considered a "short season" crop. It flowers within 70 - 90 days. 

Buckwheat is often used in cover crop mixes - particularly in orchards in order to attract insects. Flowering may start within three weeks of planting and continue for up to ten weeks.


  • Creates a quick, dense cover

  • Suppresses weeds

  • Prevents erosion

  • Attracts beneficial insects

  • Scavenges Phosphorus from the soil, releasing it to the following crop

  • Used as a nurse crop due to its quick establishment

​Climatic & Soil Conditions

  • Annual, warm-season grass

  • Suited to varied climatic conditions

  • Prefers well-drained soils

  • Can tolerate acidic soils (up to a pH of 5)

  • Better adapted to low-fertility soils than most other crops

  • Not tolerant to flooding, extreme drought, or frost


  • Best planted once the risk of frost has passed - usually October - January

  • Seeding rate is dependant on location & objectives

Note: Buckwheat will regrow after mowing if cut before it reaches 25% flowering.