Lablab purpureus

Dolichos Beans

Climatic & Soil conditions:

  • Suited to subtropical, hot areas

  • Establishes on varied soil types

  • A minimum annual rainfall of 450mm is required

  • Drought tolerant

Planting & Termination:

  • Planting should take place after the first Spring rains

  • A seeding rate of 30-50kg/ha should be applied 

  • Regrowth of volunteer plants can be an issue in the following crop, therefore ensure that the crop is terminated before going to seed

Dolichos beans are ideal for a long fallow period. They are considered an annual or biennial - depending on their function.

Cover crop benefits:

  • Fix atmospheric Nitrogen (N)

  • Effective in smothering weeds

  • Maintain soil moisture

Utilization for livestock:

  • High quality feed, as grazing or sillage

  • Graze before flowering in order to ensure regrowth

  • Caution should be taken as Frothy Bloat can be an issue