Pisum sativum

As the name suggests, Forage Peas produce good quality feed - as silage, grazing or hay. This is an annual, cool-season legume that is best suited to areas that have a high rainfall - in excess of 800mm per annum.


  • Fix atmospheric Nitrogen (N)

  • Cycle nutrients in the soil

  • Suppresses weeds

  • High quality feed production - Palatable & high in protein

Forage Peas are often added to mixes - with different cereals such as Black Oats or Stooling Rye.

Forage Peas

Climatic & Soil conditions:

  • Adapted to varying climatic conditions

  • Front telerant, depending on the growth stage

  • Intolerant to waterlogging

  • Establishes on varied soil types

Planting & Termination:

  • Planting should take place in Autumn (March - May)

  • A seeding rate is greatly dependent on the area and conditions

  • Inoculation is beneficial