Pearl Millet

Pennisetum glaucum

Pearl Millet, otherwise known as Babala, is a annual summer forage crop. It establishes quickly, producing high levels of organic matter.


This grass is popular as feed for livestock - as grazing, silage or fogage.Unlike Forage Sorghum, there are no Prussic Acid precautions necessary. 


  • High organic matter production

  • Suppresses weeds

  • Scavenges excess nutrients

  • Penetrates compacted soils

  • Prevents erosion

  • Palatable to livestock, except under severe drought conditions

  • Attracts pollinators, and can be used in orchards

​Climatic & Soil Conditions

  • Annual, warm-season grass

  • Suited to varied climatic conditions and soils

  • Prefers soils with better drainage

  • Best suited to areas with a rainfall >400mm


  • Best planted between October - January

  • Seeding rate is dependant on location & planting method (varying between 10-30kg per hectare)