Benefits of Black Oats

Black Oats, otherwise known as Saia Oats, is the world’s most widely used winter green manure – with good reason.

This temperate cereal offers farmers a number of benefits:

  • Black Oats produce a high level of organic matter.

  • They form a dense cover, and protect the soil from wind and rainfall erosion.

  • Due to the way in which Oats tiller, they have the ability to effectively suppress weeds.

  • Creeping grasses and weeds are suppressed – due to allelopathy.

  • Similarly, particularly in sandy soils, they assist in suppressing harmful nematodes.

  • Black Oats are palatable to livestock. Should they be grazed before seeding or cut for bailing, they will regrow. Therefore, this offers a dual-purpose crop – a green manure that pays for itself.

  • They perform well in cover crop mixes – with other grasses, Brassicas, or Legumes, in order to achieve multiple objectives.

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