Velvet Beans

Macuna pruriens

Velvet Beans are an annual, warm-season legume suited to subtropical & tropical regions. They have a vigorous, trailing growth habit - thus effectively suppressing weeds.


  • Improvement of soil quality

  • High organic matter production

  • Conservation of soil moisture

  • High quality forage 

  • Suppression of weeds

  • Large seed allows easy planting on slopes by hand

​Climatic & Soil Conditions

  • Annual, warm-season legume

  • Require a long, hot growing season (at least 180 front free days)

  • Suited to high rainfall areas (>400mm)

  • Ideally suited to sandy loam soils


  • Seeding rate is dependant on location & planting method (varying between 25-50kg per hectare)

  • As this is a large seed, it can be buried 3-10cm deep

  • Planting should take place between September & December

Crop termination & incorporation

  • Velvet Beans should be mowed at flowering stage - to avoid the seed pods drying with itching hairs. 

  • The crop make high quality, palatable forage.