Vicia sativa

Vetch is an annual legume which creates a dense canopy. It is a popular green manure - fixing organic Nitrogen (N), creating a living mulch, and suppressing weeds. 

Vetch (particularly Grazing Vetch) provides high feed value to livestock, and is palatable throughout its growth. 


  • Improvement of soil fertility

  • Conservation of soil moisture

  • Suppression of weeds

  • Break in crop rotation

  • Creates good hay, and does not cause bloat

  • Good ground cover in orchards & vineyards

​Climatic & Soil Conditions
  • Annual, cool-season legume with a creeping growth habit

  • Winter hardy

  • Drought tolerant, due to deep growth of tap root

  • Performs well in loam and clay soils


  • Seeding rate is dependant on location & planting method (varying between 25-50kg per hectare)

  • Performs well in a cover crop mix along with temperate cereals

  • Planting can take place from March (approximately 35 days before frost for best establishment)

Crop termination & incorporation